Leeward Roofing

Why Choose Us

Leeward Roofing is a Florida Certified Roofing Contractor with the experience and knowledge required to serve our coastal customers.  We have chosen to align ourselves with the best manufacturers and therefore our roofs are of the highest quality and we are able to offer better warranties backed by the manufacturers we work with.   We install roofs that are built to withstand the Florida climate and are Florida Building Code endorsed.  You can expect the highest quality installation of your roof, as well as outstanding customer service. We do all we can to provide you with the proper information, so that you are making the right choice in the roof that you install.  Also, Leeward Roofing does not hire sub-contractors to complete any job! Our employees, who are insured by our insurance company, complete all of our work! Our work is not bid out to the cheapest labor source because we want to insure the installation is up to our quality standards.

Leeward Roofing is a state licensed roofing contractor and a member of the FRSA Florida association of roofing professionals.  We are proud of this license and take our responsibilities seriously and stay current on all code requirements.   Having the Florida Roofing Contractors License insures you that we have undergone extensive background checks and financial disclosure.  If you hire a contractor, you can check to see if they have a Florida Certified License by going to www.myfloridalicense.com.  As a certified contractor, we encourage you to do this.  Our license number is CCC#1326409.  If you want to look up a company, you can verify the license with the name as well.   Anyone who tries to discourage you should be met with suspicion.  Also, there is a difference between a local city license and certified license with the state.  The city license or operating license does not require the background checks or extensive testing on building codes.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  If you don't hire us, please make sure you are hiring a Florida State Certified Roofing Contractor!

We spend significant time pricing our work and we are sure we are giving the fairest price we can.  We are always disappointed when we lose a job  to someone who has given a lower price. If you choose to go with a lower bidder, know that you might not be getting the same quality our company can provide.  Quality in materials and expert installation are ensured when you choose our company.  Not all companies can provide this.  Getting a lower price doesn't necessarily mean the roofing contractor is getting the materials cheaper, or possibly has lower overhead expenses.  Cheaper is not always better.  Most often, this is an indication that the contractor is cutting corners in some manner.  Contractors cut corners by asking YOU to provide an owner's permit or work without any permit!  This is a dangerous undertaking. Not getting a permit takes away your assurance that the job is done correctly with Florida endorsed materials.  Having a permit insures that your roof is installed to current building codes, that the building department is inspecting the installation and that your contractor is properly insured. The local building department verifies all contractors insurance certificates and they require submission of the endorsements on the materials.   If the contractor you hire does not have full coverage, you can become liable for any damages to your home and/or if someone is injured on your property.  Some contractors are even operating without a license.  We saw a significant number of these after the storms of 2004. Most of these contractors can't be found now, and they used materials that were not approved for our area and did not install the roofs to code.  Also, we never bid a job and then add charges to your invoice when we are finished. It frustrates us when we hear about a customer choosing another contractor, and when they get the final invoice, they end up paying the same as we would have charged if not more!

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